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Participate in mobile and PC gaming tournaments and win Cryptomoeda. Every week new games and new tournaments every hour. Play Play Fire Battlegrounds online and win Cryptomoeda. Incredible skill games.


Create your account free

Make your account at Bitfoxcoin, Your account is integrated into Payeplay and games. Buy BTX, and send it to your wallet in the Payeplay app.


Choose the game

Follow the days and times of the tournaments. Choose the game to participate. Use BTX to enter tournaments. Play as many times as you want. Each game costs 50 BTX.


Cheering for victory!

Stay tuned at the end of the tournament schedule and see who will be the first. Use a good internet to send the data when you make your score.


If you win

Get your prize! The submission of the prize takes place in minutes in your BTX portfolio of bitfoxcoin. Use your BTXs to play again, or switch to the Exchanges.

Our Tournaments in progress

The Award is calculated according to the quantity of players in the tournament turn. The quote is based on the current BTX price multiplied by the total. You will receive the BTX prize in your wallet at the end of each tournament. To exchange your BTXs for any other crypto currency, or want to sell, you must enter one of the registered Exchanges and trade your BTX.


Game mode Battle Royale and Zombie Mode, user decides the way they play, the score is the experience.

Played games 971,125
Award 33,989,375 BTX
Current Quote USD $339.893,75


Game mode "io" based on the famous game snake, eat candy and increase its size, size is your score.

Played games 93,838
Award 3,284,330 BTX
Current Quote USD $32.843,30


Dig as much as you can, and score by breaking ground, each stage, earn bonus, and more points.

Played games 10,898
Award 381,430 BTX
Current Quote USD $3.814,30


Famous board game, earn points finishing in the first positions, each placing more points.

Played games 586
Award 20,510 BTX
Current Quote USD $205,10


Addicting game shooter gun online free, FPS, be the winner in this exciting gameplay.

Played games 21,472
Award 751,520 BTX
Current Quote USD $7.515,20


The most addictive memory game in the world, follow the colors, have a good memory.

Played games 42
Award 1,470 BTX
Current Quote USD


Make the most baskets in this amazing and addictive casual game of Basket Machine.

Played games 846
Award 29,610 BTX
Current Quote USD


Drubs is the world's newest casual gaming craze, the most addictive casual battle royale.

Played games 842
Award 29,470 BTX
Current Quote USD $294,70


Tournament BTX Volume

$ 384.877,15

BTX Total Quotes


BTX in prizes


Total Players

$ 0,0105

1 BTX Quote


Total Games Mobile


Total Games Web


Games in development

Play Fire FPS Tournament Mode

There are two types of Play Fire games on Payeplay. The first version is Royale, and you can play in any type of game, whether in Zombie mode or Battleground mode.

The score is the same as the gaming experience will tell you your score. Players prefer in Zombie mode because they have a higher chance of high score, hint.

The other mode, is Play Fire FPS, also called FPS Shooting, for users not to be confused, there is the non-scoring campaign type in-game, just for fun, but Tournament mode, you need to get in the type of Challenger game, to release needs to at least pass the first phase. Okay, just play and mark history in Payeplay.

Meet other Payeplay games and start training, soon they will be in Tournament mode!

A Other Games in training mode

Watch soon eSport mode Live

on youtube

What is Payeplay?

Payeplay is a platform for mobile, web and desktop gaming tournaments with scheduled tournaments and integration of Token Bitfoxcoin BTX, both created by Playfox Games World.

The platform has several modes of tournaments, including training mode, which allows the user to play for free as well to increase their skill.

Each season Payeplay will release four of four games. We are currently in the sale phase of our BTX Token, via the site. Join your tokens because the tournaments will start.


eSport Tournament Mode

Tournaments happen with timed time of up to 3 hours. There is every 3 hours a new tournament. The user pays 50 BTX to participate in each match, with each match his score is recorded. If he participates twice, one score does not overlap the other, both are recorded. At the end of the tournament the winner wins the BTX current quote price.

eSport Mode Training

User can train with free time. With each match your score is recorded. If he participates twice, one score does not overlap the other, both are recorded. At the end of the tournament the winner does not win the BTX current quote price. Well it's just a simulation of BTX as if it were real tournament to get idea of ​​the prize.

eSport Mode in Live

Live streaming tournaments with real-time players, this is only for multiplayer games such as Battle Royales, Car Racing, and Fights like Boxing. The subscription to In Live mode will be 1000 BTX, and the events happen by scheduled program matches. The winner of each turn wins the BTX prize and will receive after each event.

eSport Mode Casual

Fast tournaments lasting 30 minutes or up to 1 hour, the cost is lower, only 20 BTX, and user can play more often. Usually only happens with casual games. If you participate twice, one score does not overlap the other, both are recorded. At the end of the tournament the winner wins the BTX current quote price.


Get in touch.

Install the Payeplay SDK in Your Unity3d Game

Payeplay has an SDK that can be integrated into any game created on Unity3d. You developer will soon be able to add our SDK to your game, and have your game for millions of users and still earn BTX Tokens and sell on the Exchanges to earn good money. If you are a developer, and you want to have your game on our platform, send your game, but your game needs to pass through our team's approval. Submit a video showing the gameplay of your game and get in touch. Send to